Certified Peer Recovery Specialist for Drug Court – Hourly

General Statement of Duties:

Peer Recovery Specialists (PRS) are individuals who identify themselves as having a mental health and/or substance use disorder and are in active recovery.  Peer support is a system of giving and receiving help founded on the key principals of respect, shared responsibility and a mutual agreement of what is helpful.  A PRS is in active recovery and shares his/her recovery experience as appropriate.  PRS act as a positive role model for clients.  PRS actively listen, support, offer hope to, teach, coach, and connect individuals to community resources.  Persons in this position are classified non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

This position will provide peer recovery support to the participants in our local Drug Court program.  This position will work to assist individuals with an identified substance use disorder (SUD), or co-occurring SUD/MH disorder, successfully navigate the Drug Court requirements by helping participants in establishing a social support system, and facilitating peer groups.  The PRS will work as a member of the Drug Court team under the direct supervision of the Peer Program Supervisor and in coordination with the Supervisor of Community Outreach.

Major Essential Functions:

Models and coaches recovery behavior and skills for Drug Court participants;

Works directly with Drug Court participants to assist them in establishing a social support system and linking them to appropriate recovery resources;

Coordinates with Drug Court case managers and the Supervisor of Community Outreach to help address any barriers for Drug Court participants to meet program expectations and achieve their stated goals;

Supports Drug Court participants in locating, and applying for, employment opportunities, educational programs, and housing as appropriate;

May provide transportation for Drug Court participants to program related appointments;

Attends weekly Drug Court team meeting to collaborate and support Drug Court participants;

Completes GPRAs as needed;

Will lead, at minimum, one group dedicated to Drug Court participants and/or graduates;

Collects essential data, writes contact notes, and otherwise documents efforts and outcomes;

Works collaboratively with community agencies as appropriate including criminal justice, law enforcement, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Housing Authority, the Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services, the Department of Rehabilitative Services, etc.;

Maintains effective relationships with consumers based on courtesy, compassion, and respect;

Maintains effective relationships with co-workers and community providers based on courtesy and respect;

Makes effective use of available technology, including computers, e-mail, and voicemail in order to enhance customer service;

Maintains a current level of knowledge regarding substance use and mental health disorders and available resources;

Assures compliance with Agency policy, client rights, and confidentiality.

Performs duties as assigned consistent with established operational policies and procedures of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board;

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Personal lived experience with mental illness and/or substance use and treatment;

Demonstrated awareness of ethical boundaries and human rights guidelines as they pertain to treatment and community services;

Understanding of the recovery model as it pertains to mental illness and substance use symptoms and disorders;

General knowledge of various mental illness and substance use symptoms and disorders;

Principles of record keeping and documentation as required;

Basic ethics appropriate to a helping relationship and understanding of confidentiality requirements;

General knowledge of community resources;

Skills in behavior management;

Skills in providing ongoing support as needed to promote ability to live independently and participate in the community;

Good interpersonal communication;

Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely (written and oral);

Shows good judgement;

Allows an individual with a disability to assume appropriate degree of responsibility for herself/himself.

Minimum Education and Experience:

Peer Certification or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Willingness to obtain PRS Certification upon hire if needed.  Must become a Registered Peer Recovery Specialist within 9 months of start date.  Experience with Drug Court preferred.

Other Information:

Equipment:  Telephone, copy machine, personal computer, word processing software.

Work Environment:  General office environment with normal lighting levels, temperature, air quality, ventilation, and noise levels.  Community settings and other locations with environment as determined by occupants.

Other Information, Continued:

Office Location: 1241 North Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA, and other sites as determined by program needs.

Work Hazards:  Minimal hazards associated with rehabilitation programs.

Work Schedule:  Monday through Friday, regular office hours; some evening hours may be required; additional hours to perform job requirements. Regular and reliable attendance is required.