Child and Adolescent Outpatient Clinician

General Statement of Duties:

To be responsible for the provision of highly technical and complex diagnostic and treatment services to children of all ages who are experiencing a wide variety of presenting problems, and to their families. The duties also include responsibility for planning, under the supervision of the Child & Adolescent Clinical Supervisor, for the development of new or expanded services to that population.

This position is exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Distinguishing Features of Work:

This person assumes a major responsibility for the delivery of direct services, both diagnostic and therapeutic, to children, adolescents and their families, utilizing a broad range of treatment modalities. The responsibilities include education/consultation services to community agencies and other Board staff as needed, particularly in the area of child mental health and child and family therapies. Under the supervision of Child & Adolescent Clinical Supervisor the clinician may develop and implement new or expanded child and adolescent services. The position requires a high level of expertise in the area of child/family diagnosis, treatment, and case management; a knowledge of and adherence to basic ethics and confidentiality appropriate for a helping relationship; the ability to problem solve and work cooperatively and effectively with Board staff from a number of different disability backgrounds and with staff from other community agencies that provide services to children. It is expected that sixty percent of this person’s time shall be spent in a combination of direct treatment and agency consultation.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides intensive psychotherapeutic services including individual, family and group treatment

to children of all ages who are experiencing mental health related problems;

Provides assessments for children, adolescents and their families for planning purposes. This

service may be made available to other agencies within the constraints of available time and following guidelines outlined in standard operating procedures of the Board;

Under the supervision of the Child & Adolescent Clinical Supervisor plans, develops, and implements child and adolescent mental health services;

Provides consultation, education and training services to individuals, groups and agencies concerning issues related to child mental health, parenting, or related topics;

Provides crisis intervention/emergency services to children and their families;

May provide clinical supervision to other child and adolescent service providers, students or volunteers;

Maintains timely and confidential client records with progress notes, individual service plans, and written reports in accordance with Departmental and Board guidelines;

Serves on community boards or Interagency Councils as requested by the Director of Child and Family Services;

Makes effective use of available technology, including computers, e-mail, and voice mail in order to enhance customer service;

Maintains effective relationships with co-workers and customers based on courtesy, compassion, and respect.

Is responsible for other duties as assigned, consistent with Board objectives, policies, and procedures.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Extensive knowledge of a wide range of diagnostic, evaluative and psychotherapeutic techniques and treatment modalities for children adolescents and families; advanced skills in delivering psychotherapy services to children of all ages and to their families; thorough understanding of the dynamics of child abuse and advanced skills in intervention with this population; knowledge and adherence to basic ethics appropriate for a helping profession; ability to provide effective consultation, education and training services related to children and their families; ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others; ability to speak and write concisely and effectively; demonstrated good judgment.

Minimum Education and Experience:

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a master’s degree in human services. Professional licensure is required. Staff member is responsible for submitting proof of license renewal to Human Resources office

Other Information:

Equipment: Telephone, copy machine, PC, word processing software, Credible software

Work Environment: General office environment with normal lighting, temperature, air quality, ventilation, and noise levels.

Work Location: 463 East Washington Street, Harrisonburg

 Work Hazards: Standard hazards associated with rehabilitation programs.

Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, regular office hours; Additional hours as needed to perform job requirements.  Regular attendance is required.