General Statement of Duties:

Under the direction of the Nurse Coordinator, provides direct nursing services to clients and works to ensure the proper ordering, storage, delivery, and tracking of medication provided to Community Services Board clients; participates in planning and implementing the delivery of nursing care for clients of the Board and in providing education and consultation to Board clients, families, and staff regarding medication and health issues. The incumbent works in cooperation with other Board nursing staff. The incumbent must exercise discretion and independent judgment in providing services. The incumbent carries out his/her duties at the direction of the Nurse Coordinator. She/he receives direct, regularly scheduled clinical and administrative supervision.

This position is classified non-exempt under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides nursing services as licensed to perform

Manages assigned caseload of medication only clients

Manages obtaining medications through local pharmacies, sample medications, and prescriptions

Manages the indigent programs for assigned clients

Navigates clients’ insurance companies to secure approval for prescribed medications

Administers intramuscular injections under the direction of the prescribers

Monitors clients for the development of side effects of medications

Performs venipunctures/phlebotomy as ordered by prescriber

Coordinates primary care as needed

Documents client contacts and maintains client records in accordance with established Board policy and procedure;

May provide educational and consultation services to clients, their families, group homes, other community agencies, and Board staff about medications and about clients mental and physical health needs;

Makes effective use of available technology, including computers, e-mail, and voice mail in order to enhance customer service;

Maintains effective relationships with co-workers and customers based on courtesy, compassion, and respect;

Is responsible for other duties as assigned, consistent with established Board policy

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of nursing; adherence to the code of ethics of the nursing profession; basic knowledge about mental illness and the use of psychotropic medication in its treatment; the ability to assess both general health problems and medication side effects; ability to organize and attend to detail in the delivery of medication; good interpersonal skills demonstrated good judgment, and the ability to work with considerable autonomy. The ability to work comfortably with a wide diversity of both professional staff and clients is required.

Minimum Education and Experience:

Graduation from an accredited college or nursing school with a degree or diploma in nursing, current licensure as an R.N./L.P.N. in the Commonwealth of Virginia plus one year of nursing experience which includes experience working with mental health clients.  Staff member is responsible for submitting proof of license renewal to the Human Resources office. Current Basic Cardiac Life Support Certificate.

Other Information:

Equipment: Standard nursing equipment, telephone; computer hardware and software as required.

 Work Environment: General office environment with normal lighting levels, temperature, air quality and ventilation and noise levels.

Work Location: 1241 N. Main St./463 East Washington St., occasionally clients’ homes and/or nursing homes.

Work Hazards: Standard hazards associated with human service office environment including hazards associated with problem behaviors; behaviors and hazards associated with necessary use of medical procedures. Use of standard precautions required. Use of protective equipment recommended.

Work Schedule: Regular office hours, Monday through Friday; additional hours as needed to perform job requirements.  Regular attendance is required.

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