Facilities Management Specialist

General Statement of Duties:
Provides technical oversight functions for designated specialty areas, specifically the areas of CSB facilities management, along with other assigned duties. Incumbent is responsible for the day-to-day operation, maintenance and upkeep of all CSB facilities.

Distinguishing Features of Work:
This position is directly responsible to and coordinates his/her work closely with the Administrative Services Director. He/she also has overall responsibility for all CSB facilities, surrounding grounds and vehicle maintenance. The work requires specialized knowledge in facility management, and has broad latitude in independent decision-making and appropriate independent action. This position has regularly scheduled supervision provided as well as consultation and assistance necessary to accomplish the work. The incumbent must coordinate his/her work closely with others, and the position requires strong planning and problem solving abilities, excellent judgment, and the ability to identify and undertake proactive risk management initiatives.

Persons in this position classification are non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Oversees and maintains CSB office facilities as clean, safe, attractive, and functional buildings and grounds, including but not limited to the following:
• Manages all leasing duties for CSB properties held as landlord-only contracts;
• Manages the custodial services and/or staff engaged by the CSB. Monitors and evaluates costs and benefits in relation to CSB needs and budget projections.
• Performs facility risk assessments in cooperation with the Risk Analyst, and monitors all facilities to ensure safety risks are anticipated and managed, as practicable.
• Tracks and maintains building keys at assigned buildings, including internal offices.
• Responsible for ensuring the completion of all routine and preventive maintenance functions for CSB office buildings and grounds. Schedules, oversees, and coordinates all repair work (e.g. HVAC systems, structural repairs, incidental repairs, etc.), plus recommends and assists with implementing major upgrades and renovations. Ensures all work performed by qualified contractors, and within approved budgetary guidelines.
• Ensures office facilities comply with state licensure, OSHA, and other regulatory requirements.
• Oversees assessment, prioritization and procurement functions related to capital maintenance and/or repairs, and ensures compliance with CSB procurement policies, state law and regulations, etc.
• Maintains documentation and backup of critical facility technical material needed for repairs, emergencies, and disaster response activities.
 • Oversight responsibility for outside facility grounds, including lawn maintenance, snow removal, etc. Responsible for contracts and vendors for those functions.
• Performs light maintenance task such as changing light bulbs, hanging pictures, moving small furnishings, spraying for common insects, etc. as appropriate.
• Maintains all agency vehicles in terms of inspections, cleaning, and any oversight of all necessary maintenance work to ensure safety of operation.

Serves as Physical Security Officer for CSB offices at North Main Street campus as follows:
• Maintains staff awareness about physical security issues and procedures and monitors physical security at each site.
• Serves as a technical resource for staff and the agency around physical security issues at their perspective location(s).
• Assumes leadership responsibility in the event of a major disaster to secure (as feasible) the facility to limit the loss or exposure of protected health information.
• Investigates any security breach at all CSB locations (with onsite management as appropriate) and coordinates any requires corrective action(s).
Performs other financial management duties, including procurement activities, special projects, and other financial and reporting functions of the CSB related to Facilities Management responsibilities.
Makes effective use of available technology, including computers, e-mail, and voice mail in order to enhance customer service.
Maintains and assures that staff and vendors maintain effective relationships with coworkers and customers based on courtesy, compassion and respect.
Performs other duties as assigned in conformance with established operational policies and procedures.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Thorough knowledge of designated technical support functions involving facility management and related financial management functions. Excellent organizational skills; ability to make appropriate independent decisions and take related action based on knowledge of facility management needs; upon Board policies, procedures, budgets, and practices; knowledge of general bookkeeping and accounts payable procedures; ability to manage assigned routine with minimal supervision, excellent communication skills, including speaking, writing, and the ability to interact effectively with the public; excellent interpersonal skills; good judgment, tact, courtesy; efficiency; dependability. Experience with Spreadsheet Software (preferably Excel).

Minimum Education and Experience:
B.S. in business management or related area desirable, two years of progressively responsible technical experience related to the functions noted above, OR any equivalent combination of experience or training that provides required knowledge, skills and abilities.

Other Information:
Equipment: Telephone system, copy machine, calculator, typewriter, PC and/or other designated computer hardware, designated software. Basic hardware tools and items often used in Facilities Management (e.g., screwdrivers, hammers, light bulbs, insect spray, etc.)

Work Environment: General office environment with normal lighting levels, temperature ranges, air quality, ventilation, and noise levels.

Work Location: North Main Street Campus, Harrisonburg, VA, and 463 East Washington Street, Harrisonburg, VA; and CSB residential properties.

Work Hazards: Some hazard associated with repetitive motion necessary for data entry/typing; possible hazards associated with overseeing capital repair/maintenance/related activities; minimal hazard associated with human services environment.

Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, regular office hours; some evening hours as scheduled; additional hours as need to perform job requirements, including emergency facility issues. Regular attendance is required. This position is required to take at least five consecutive days of leave each year.