General Statement of Duties:

Responsible for planning, implementation, operation, and support of the CSB’s information system operations, focusing on network and server administration.

Distinguishing Features of Work:

A primary goal is to assist the IT Manager with efforts to maximize agency efficiency and performance as a behavioral health care provider. Plans, implements, documents, secures, monitors, and maintains a complex network of Unix, Linux, and MS-Windows systems in accordance with best practices, and in compliance with Federal HIPAA security regulations. The incumbent must maintain a high level of security and availability of the agency’s information systems infrastructure. The incumbent works under the supervision of the IT Manager.

This position is exempt under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Major Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Deploys and/or coordinates with third party vendors to deploy network infrastructure and components, including servers, hubs, routers, switches, modems, cabling, etc.
  • Deploys and maintains network services, including file servers, mail servers, web servers, database servers, directory services, authentication services, phone services, access control services, tele psychiatry services, etc.
  • Monitors performance and proper operation of infrastructure components to ensure proper operation and high availability. Quickly corrects problems as they arise.
  • Works closely with the IT Manager to coordinate rotating evening and weekend on-call schedule; responding to critical events as appropriate
  • Monitors systems security in compliance with HIPAA regulations and best practices. Documents and quickly corrects issues and incidents.
  • Maintains written backup procedures, and performs regular backups of all critical systems in accordance with those procedures.
  • Deploys software updates and patches.
  • Creates, tests, deploys, and documents infrastructure design, network topologies, and systems administration procedures.
  • Works closely with the IT Manager to plan enhancements and modifications.
  • Communicates and coordinates with other IT staff to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provides cross training to other IT staff to allow limited coverage of critical tasks during periods of absence.
  • Assists clerical staff in the maintenance and operation of telephone systems.
  • Maintains effective relationships with co-workers and customers based on courtesy, compassion, and respect.
  • Assures compliance with agency policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Coordinates work activities and assignments with other IT, administrative and/or management staff.
  • Responsible for special projects and other duties, as assigned, consistent with established policies and procedures.

Provides backup coverage for other Information Systems staff:

  • Provides direct technical assistance with variety of computer hardware and software, including desktop workstations, office automation software, and mobile devices
  • Installs desktop hardware and software
  • Moves computer equipment
  • Assists with production and maintenance of Internet and Intranet content
  • Assists with data management and reporting needs
  • Backup IT Manager technical responsibilities

Required Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities:

In general, this position requires a thorough working knowledge of Windows and Unix systems, particularly the Linux operating systems. Some level of certification in Linux systems administration is preferred. An extensive knowledge of managing the operation and security of Internet and Intranet services on a Unix platform is required. Also required, is considerable knowledge of the design, implementation, and maintenance of local area and wide area networks. Some knowledge and experience in database management, application design and development, and end-user desktop support is preferred  Strong troubleshooting skills are essential. The incumbent must have excellent reasoning, logic, and pattern recognition abilities to enhance troubleshooting skills, the ability to learn new technologies quickly, good communication and writing skills, and a superior attention to detail. Commitment to internal service, good interpersonal and excellent teamwork skills, good judgment, dependability, and efficiency is required.

Thorough knowledge of the following is required:

  • Command line level administration and management of Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Unix shell and PowerShell scripting
  • SMB, HTTP, DNS, SMTP, LDAP, MySQL, and SQL server software
  • Exchange Mail services
  • Active Directory/LDAP authentication services
  • TCP/IP routing and packet filtering
  • Security vulnerabilities and techniques for defending against them
  • Network intrusion detection techniques
  • Encryption technologies, including PKI, Digital Certificates, and PGP
  • Building and managing local-area, wide-area networks, and wireless networks

Some knowledge of the following is preferred:

  • Database management and reporting, including MySQL and SQL
  • Web application development and Web standards
  • Scripting in languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and awk.

Minimum Experience and Education:

A degree in computer information systems or related area is preferred; two years of comprehensive experience in Unix/Linux systems administration and security, and network administration and security in a complex multi-platform environment; OR any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Some level of certification in Linux systems administration is preferred.


Other Information:

Equipment: Desktop and server computers, network components, network cabling, telephones, general office equipment.

Work Environment: General office environment with normal lighting levels, temperature ranges, air quality, ventilation, and noise levels. Occasional exposure to confined or dusty spaces such as wiring closets, attics, and basements.

Work Location: Various CSB facilities located in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, Virginia.

Work Hazards: Occasional close proximity to exposed live electrical current. Occasional lifting of computer equipment weighing over 20 pounds.

Work Schedule: Flexible work schedule characterized by responsiveness to unique needs for server and network administration and maintenance, including non-traditional evening and weekend hours as appropriate.

HIPAA Access Level 3:  Read-only access to protected health information (PHI),
limited to minimum necessary, and full read/write access to demographic and financial information, limited to the minimum necessary, for all clients as part of staff provision of support services in agency health care operations. Staff at Level 3 are allowed to seek out client PHI as necessary to perform assigned duties, but are expected to exercise due precautions to avoid exposure to PHI which is not necessary to perform these assigned duties. Utilization of information will be in accordance with HIPAA regulations regarding use limitation, disclosure and requests of PHI.