Benefit Highlights for Salaried Employment

Health Insurance Coverage:

  • Group coverage with the City of Harrisonburg. Currently, the employer pays 70% , while employee pays 30%

Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage:

  • Optional employee purchase:
    • Group coverage for both dental and vision insurance is available. The dental plan offers basic option as well as a buy-up option. There is also a vision plan through the VSP Network.

Virginia Retirement System and Life Insurance:

  • All full time, classified staff are required to enroll in VRS
  • Plan 1 and Plan 2 (employees hired after 07/01/2010) as well as Hybrid plan members (employees hired on or after 01/01/2014 with no prior VRS enrollment) must contribute 5% of the monthly salary
  • The CSB contributes an additional percentage which is considered the employers portion of the retirement benefit
  • The CSB also pays the entire cost of the life insurance coverage, which is two times the employee’s annual salary (full time classified staff only)

Other Voluntary Programs:

  • Virginia Credit Union
  • 457 Deferred Compensation plan
  • Optional Life Insurance (full time classified only)
  • Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement accounts

Annual, Sick and Personal Leave:

  •  8 hours of annual leave are earned per month; 10 hours of sick leave are earned each month (prorated for half-time salaried staff)
  •  Upon completing the probationary period, employees are eligible for 32 hours of Personal Leave, which can be used in any way the employee chooses. (pro-rated for half-time classified
  •  Hybrid staff members accrue sick leave at a rate of 2.5 hours per pay period after one year of employment


  • There are 13 paid holidays throughout the year

Transfer of Credit:

  •  The agency will accept year-for-year of up to ten years of service history credit from applicants hired directly from entities listed below with no gaps in services before entering a position within the
    agency. This credit will be granted to individuals who have maintained continuous service within the State of Virginia, city, county, or local government agency that operate under the Virginia
    Retirement System (VRS).

Sick Leave Transfer:

  • The agency will accept the transfer of up to 30 days of sick leave from applicants hired into CSB positions immediately from a position within another State of Virginia, city county or local government agency that has a leave accrual system

Tuition Reimbursement:

  • Eligible after 1 year of employment with a “meets” or higher performance rating
  • Reimbursement provided for tuition only
  • Reimbursement is available each semester at a maximum of $1200 per semester
  • Each course must be completed with a passing grade of “C” or higher