Benefit Highlights for Salaried Employment

Health Insurance Coverage:

  • Group coverage with the City of Harrisonburg. Currently, the employer pays 70% , while employee pays 30%

Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage:

  • Optional employee purchase:
    • Group coverage for both dental and vision insurance is available. The dental plan offers basic option as well as a buy-up option. There is also a vision plan through the VSP Network.

Virginia Retirement System and Life Insurance:

  • All full time, classified staff are required to enroll in VRS
  • Plan 1 and Plan 2 (employees hired after 07/01/2010) as well as Hybrid plan members (employees hired on or after 01/01/2014 with no prior VRS enrollment) must contribute 5% of the monthly salary
  • The CSB contributes an additional percentage which is considered the employers portion of the retirement benefit
  • The CSB also pays the entire cost of the life insurance coverage, which is two times the employee’s annual salary (full time classified staff only)

Other Voluntary Programs:

  • Virginia Credit Union
  • 457 Deferred Compensation plan
  • Optional Life Insurance (full time classified only)
  • Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement accounts

Annual and Sick Leave:

  • 8 hours of annual leave are earned per month; 10 hours of sick leave are earned each month (prorated for half time salaried staff)
  • Staff can use up to 64 hours of earned sick leave each calendar year for family illnesses (spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, grandparents and in-laws)(pro-rated for half time classified staff)
  • After 6 months of employment, 16 hours of sick leave is converted each calendar year to Personal Leave, which can be used in any way the employee chooses. (pro-rated for half time classified staff)
  • Hybrid staff members accrue sick leave at a rate of 2.5 hours per pay period after one year of employment


  • There are 12 paid holidays throughout the year

Transfer of Credit:

  • The agency will accept up to 10 years of services history from applicants in VRS Plan 1 or 2 hired into CSB positions within another State of Virginia, city county or local government agency that has a leave accrual system

Sick Leave Transfer:

  • The agency will accept the transfer of up to 30 days of sick leave from applicants hired into CSB positions immediately from a position within another State of Virginia, city county or local government agency that has a leave accrual system

Tuition Reimbursement:

  • Eligible after 1 year of employment with a “meets” or higher performance rating
  • Reimbursement provided for tuition only
  • Reimbursement is available each semester at a maximum of $1200 per semester
  • Each course must be completed with a passing grade of “C” or higher