What is it?

Here at the HRCSB we are very excited to announce our new Intensive Outpatient Program. This program involves an intensive level of care to address substance abuse for individuals. It is the goal of our IOP program to make sure each individual is receiving the right level of care based on their individualized needs.  This occurs through assessing each individual upon entry into our program and then throughout the course of treatment.  Our clinical team will work with each participant to ensure their treatment needs are being addressed.

Who is eligible for it?

All adults with substance abuse related issues will be assessed utilizing the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria regarding eligibility into our program. This will take place either at the time of intake for new clients or during a first appointment for those with internal referrals. If the IOP criteria aren’t met, there are other services within our agency and community that will be offered as clinically applicable for that individual.

How do you access it?

To access the IOP here at the HRCSB, individuals can receive referrals from an outside source or can get an internal referral from their caseworker.

What does this program involve?

The IOP is primarily group therapy; meeting three times a week for three hours each day. Individual therapy can be added based off of individual assessed need. An individual’s involvement in IOP lasts as long as clinically indicated by the ASAM criteria. Upon completion other substance use group and individual therapies are available.

How involved can family members be?

Family can be as involved in this process as the individual wants. The family can attend individual and/or family therapy sessions if the individual requests it.

Kathleen Voss
Marketing and Business Systems
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board