HRCSB is preparing to start on a major building project that has been over 10 years in the making. The Agency’s office locations at the North Main Street campus do not have enough space and the design limits visitor flow, offers minimal waiting and group room space, has poor sound barriers, and a very well-worn appearance.  The McNulty Center for Children and Families facility is also increasingly over capacity and out of space.

Following a feasibility study completed in 2017, the HRCSB Board of Directors endorsed a plan to build a new office building at the Main Street campus and a modest renovation of the McNulty Center.  The recent acquisition of a fourth adjacent parcel of land at North Main Street was essential to both the positioning of the new structure and the successful phasing of the new build.  The goal during construction is to offer as close to 100% service capacity as possible during the entire building timeline including adequate parking areas for clientele and staff.

A contract for architectural and engineering services was signed with Mathers Architects in July 2018 and they are presently at work on the final schematics and design plan.  Site planning is underway to including surveys of property lines, topography, above and below ground utilities, structures, roads, easements, setbacks, and zoning, as well as mechanical, and electrical engineering, and interior design. The goal is to have the construction bid out by late spring with construction beginning during summer 2019. Time lines are always fluid but thus far we are on schedule!

We are very appreciative of the partnership we have with the City and County as this project moves forward. We believe this will lead to a setting that is much more allowable to providing quality services and welcoming clients and the community into our doors.