Meaghan’s 3 children were all very young, the oldest 4 years old, when their parents divorced.  Despite their young age, their early childhood experiences in a negative environment left a lasting impression on their lives.  These siblings struggle daily with self-control, confidence, and communication.  Although they exhibit these struggles differently, each of the children are affected in multiple settings, including at school, at home, and during extracurricular activities.  Often these struggles strained relationships and were presented through a “fight or flight” response.  The “fight or flight” response is one of the tools your body uses to protect you from danger.  When you feel threatened, this response is automatically triggered, and several physiological changes (such as increased heart rate, tensed muscles, and difficulty breathing) prepare you to either confront or flee from the threat.

Now in a stable, supportive, and safe home environment, the children have the freedom to focus on learning the skills needed to successfully navigate their daily lives.  Through individual therapy at the McNulty Center they have gained confidence in themselves, helping them become more successful academically, as well as socially.  They’ve also gained valuable communication skills, enabling them to cope with stressors that would have previously elicited a reactionary “fight or flight” response.  Subsequently, their increased communication skills and improved confidence help to build their self-control, resulting in better behavior in situations that were unmanageable before.

In addition to therapy, the children also meet with the psychiatrist.  The routine visits and constant communication between therapists, psychiatrist, and the parent has given the children the tools necessary to thrive in their daily lives.  Although there are still some days when self-control seems to be a lofty goal, , each of the children have made significant progress.  Grades have improved, socializing with peers has become much easier, and overall moods have become more stable.  Every day presents its own challenges, but thanks to the continued support of their therapists, psychiatrist, and all the support staff at the McNulty Center, the children have the tools to face those challenges head on.