As we enjoy the hot summer months we are reminded that a new school year is just around the corner. For the majority of children in our community, it is a time of hope, new beginnings and great anticipation. However, not all children are filled with the same excitement. For many, this time of year brings feelings of uncertainty and shame. Fortunately, the Children’s Case Management team is here to help! For this dedicated group of CSB workers, it is the time of year to roll up their sleeves and help prepare their school-age clients for such a time as this! They know that without some assistance, many children would go without.

Case managers help their clients with this challenging fall season transition in many essential ways. They are able to link their clients to various “back to school” programs in the community, where they can receive new book bags and all the school supplies they need to get started. If needed, case managers will link clients to local “clothes closets;” which are often through our local churches. Case managers can coordinate with schools, before and during the school year, to ensure clients are enrolled in the appropriate classes and/or programs. Case managers often link clients to school based services like Therapeutic Day Treatment programs, Behavior Intervention Specialists, Prevention services, tutoring programs, sports and club involvement, as well as different after-school programs and activities. Case managers can advocate for a Child-Study evaluation, which is a prerequisite to an Individual Education Plan. Case managers diligently work to ensure that their clients get the education and school experience that will foster success not only in the classroom, but also in the community. As you can see, case managers play a crucial role this time of year for their school-age clients.  They’re kind of a community superhero.

John Wilson

Supervisor of Child Outreach Services