On June 4, 1983, Summit House opened its doors to its first members.  The program has grown and evolved since beginning; resulting in a new location, changes to programming, and growth in membership. Over 500 people have become members of Summit House’s program in the past 35 years.

Summit House is a program created to aid an individual’s mental illness recovery while concentrating on the individual being an active and voluntary member in the process. There is a large focus on community and mutual support throughout the program. Participants all contribute to maintaining the house and gain social interaction with other members while working towards their recovery.

Over this past year, numerous members identified the importance of celebrating the 35th Anniversary.  On June 6, 2018, members welcomed former staff, former members, HRCSB staff and board members to celebrate the occasion.  The celebration featured a buffet style lunch, a cake celebration in the afternoon, as well as a quilt raffle.  Summit House hosted over 70 people during the day as they came to celebrate this achievement.

For members, Summit House has provided a community within their community, a sense of belonging when they were unable to find it elsewhere, and a place to be valued and appreciated.  As we continue on, we look forward to being able to celebrate the small victories of every day successes, as well as large milestones likes this anniversary.

Jen Kratz

Summit House Supervisor

Harrisonbug-Rockingham Community Services Board