General Statement of Duties:

This crisis stabilization program is a short term, 7-bed intensive residential program staffed 24 hours a day to provide crisis services to individual with mental health and co-occurring disorders. Under the direction of the AH Prescriber the CSU Nurse ensures the proper ordering, storage, delivery, and tracking of medications for residents of the CSU. Works in cooperation with other CSU staff. Participates with the CSU Team in planning and implementing the delivery of nursing care for residents of the CSU and in providing education and consultation to CSU residents and families regarding medication and health issues. CSU Nurse assists in obtaining medication and monitors response to prescribed medications and ensures that the prescriber has accurate information about the consumer’s response and/or difficulties related to the medication.  The CSU nurse is expected to exercise a high level of confidentiality regarding clients and services. Receives regular direct supervision from CSU Supervisor, however, direct oversight of nursing duties is performed by CSU RN and/or Prescriber. Assures compliance with agency policy, client rights, confidentiality, licensure regulations and Medicaid regulations as applicable.

 This position is classified as non-exempt under provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

 Major Essential Functions:

  1. Assist in the safe storage, handling, and administration of subcutaneous, IM, and oral medications in compliance with state and federal law, departmental guidelines, and Community Services Board policy and procedure, as well as safe storage and handling of necessary medical supplies
  2. Medication Management for clients of program, checking medication orders for accuracy. Records medication delivery on MAR in accordance with written procedures.
  3. Provides basic medical assessment to clients, including monitoring client vital signs.
  4. Monitors clients for the development of side effects of medications, reporting this to the prescriber and documenting such in the client case record;
  5. Assist with calling in medication orders to pharmacies as authorized by prescriber.
  6. Assist with arranging and coordinating laboratory testing as ordered by prescriber.
  7. Responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of the exam room on a routine basis.
  8. Provides medication, health, and wellness education on an individual and group basis to residents of the facility.
  9. Assist consumers with daily living tasks as needed.
  10. Documents client contacts and maintains client records in accordance with established Board policy and procedure;
  11. Assist with discharge planning to ensure that consumers are discharged with adequate supplies of medication and resources to obtain continued supplies.
  12. Expected to help with routine tasks to help maintain the facility and program readiness for admissions, includes and not limited to, doing facility laundry, helping with cleaning surfaces, assisting other staff in kitchen duties such as putting away groceries etc.
  13. Expected to collaborate with multidisciplinary team on ensuring that all needed tasks are completed during assigned shifts.
  14. Makes effective use of available technology, including computers, e-mail, and voice mail, fax in order to enhance customer service;
  15. Maintains effective relationships with co-workers and customers based on courtesy, compassion, and respect;
  16. Is responsible for other duties as assigned, consistent with established Board policy.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of nursing;
  • Adherence to the code of ethics of the nursing profession;
  • Basic knowledge about mental illness and the use of psychotropic medication in its treatment;
  • The ability to assess both general health problems and medication side effects;
  • Ability to organize and attend to detail in the delivery of medication;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to deal positively and constructively with changes and new challenges;
  • Demonstrated good judgment, and the ability to work with considerable autonomy.
  • The ability to work comfortably with a wide diversity of both professional staff and clients is required.

Minimum Education and Experience:

  • Graduation from an accredited college or nursing school with a degree or diploma in practical nursing, current licensure as an LPN in the Commonwealth of Virginia, plus one year of nursing experience which includes experience working with mental health clients, OR any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

Additional Requirements:

  • Mandt Training
  • CPR Certification
  • AED Training

 Other Information:

Equipment: Standard nursing equipment, telephone; computer hardware and software as required, misc. household appliances (i.e. washer/dryer, stove, dishwasher)

Work Environment: Residential setting with normal lighting levels, temperature, air quality, ventilation and noise levels.

Work Location: 1353 N. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Work Hazards: Minimal hazards associated with a mental health treatment environment. Minimal hazards associated with human service residential environment including hazards associated with problem behaviors; behaviors and hazards associated with necessary use of medical procedures. Use of universal precautions required. Use of protective equipment recommended.

Work Schedule: PRN.  Hours may include weekday and/or weekend shifts; daytime, evening, and/or overnight shifts in order to provide support to residents based on their needs. Some flexibility is required in order to meet and respond to coverage needs and individual residents’ needs.