Working Towards Recovery and Independence

Harrisonburg Rockingham Community Services Board provides an array of mental health services to support individuals working towards recovery and independence, both in the community and at our residential sites. Our model of compassionate, customized support allows us to partner with each person to reach their goals. We work with individuals to develop the skills needed to live fulfilling lives within their community.

Maintain Independence through Mental Health Skill Building

HRCSB provides one-to-one customized support to help Medicaid-eligible individuals with serious mental illness live fulfilling, independent lives. Our trained professional staff works with individuals in their homes and in the community in order to help them develop the confidence and skills needed to live independently, such as:

  • accessing transportation
  • budgeting, paying bills, and maintaining benefits
  • housekeeping, laundry, and cooking
  • managing appointments
  • improving physical health through nutrition and exercise
  • training to manage symptoms and medications

Residential Mental Health Supportive Services Get You Through

We offer a transitional residential mental health program for people who are receiving mental health case management services. Our apartments have staff available around-the-clock to support residents develop the skills they need to live independently. Managing medications is a key part of the residential program. Through interactions in the residential sites, our trained professional staff are able to recommend hands-on skill development that promotes recovery.

HRCSB Strives To Provide The Right Service At The Right Time

Whether individuals require mental health skill-building services in their own homes or in our residential program, we are prepared to design and provide support. Meeting our clients where they are, our trained professional staff work with individuals to access community resources and provide the right service at the right time.

Our Staff Understand

We offer individuals engaged in community recovery services the opportunity to work with a peer specialist.  A peer specialist is someone who has lived experience with mental illness and is hired to provide support to those engaged in mental health treatment services. Peer specialist assist clients by listening, supporting, teaching skills, coaching, connecting individuals to community resources and modeling a life of recovery. They are able to meet with individuals in a variety of settings including client’s home, in the community and in the office.

Call 540.434.1941 to see if our Mental Health Supportive Services are right for you.