Case Management For Children and Adults

We serve community members at all stages of life from children through adulthood. Our case management professionals have a strong focus on health and functionality for the people we work with and their support systems. We professionally assess the situation and needs, link to appropriate services, and monitor care and conditions. Our goal is to help people maintain their independence while living with severe and persistent mental health, substance use, and developmental disorders. Our extensive work with supporting agencies and community resources gets the right service to the right person at the right time.

Professional Coordination Helps People At Risk Stay In Their Community

Our case management professionals provide coordinated care to support at-risk people by assessing, navigating, and linking to the right resources to keep them in their communities. They collaborate with our robust staff including psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and other qualified professionals in addition to community partners. Case managers partner with other agencies such as schools, primary care physicians, specialists, department of social services, social security administration, etc. to help individuals receive the appropriate services to meet their individual needs.

Family Care Coordination Promotes Functional Family Systems

Specifically supporting children with state mandates, Comprehensive Services Act funding provides resources for children and families who are at risk for behavioral health residential treatment or coming out of residential placement. HRCSB offers time-limited services designed to help a child stay with his or her family and in their community. The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board is the only local provider of state mandated Family Care Coordination and we are passionate about keeping family systems in tact and functional.

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