Providing Mental Health and Substance Use Services in the Rockingham County Regional Jail

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board provides medication management, transition planning, mental health assessments, and mental health and substance use educational groups for inmates at Rockingham County Regional Jail. Inmates can access these services by putting in a request for service through the jail medical department or referral from jail staff. Jail staff including booking staff, medical personnel, and correctional officers assists by identifying inmates who may require assessment or treatment.

Offering Multiple Services to Meet Individual’s Needs

Once an inmate is identified as requiring services a HRCSB clinician will meet with that individual to assess what level of care would be appropriate to best meet their needs. Weekly educational groups are available to the inmates by professionally trained HRCSB staff. These groups focus on substance abuse and mental health concerns. Participants are provided general education and taught coping skills and strategies targeted at aiding an individual in their recovery process in the community. If an inmate is identified to be in crisis, a HRCSB clinician will assess for any safety concerns and provide individual meetings if needed.

Continuing Mental Health Medication Management

HRCSB provides psychiatric medical services in the Rockingham County Regional Jail. A HRCSB prescriber is available weekly to provide assessment and psychiatric medication management to inmates at the Jail. Inmates can refer themselves or be referred by jail staff. If an individual enters the jail with an established mental health medication regimen, the medication may continue in the jail under the supervision of a HRCSB prescriber. The HRSCB prescriber can also assess the need for a new medication management regimen if needed.

Professional Transition Planning Back into the Community

The HRCSB Community Liaison can meet with an inmate as they approach their release date to help in their transition back to the community. The liaison can help by linking them with mental health and substance use therapeutic services and community resources that would be most supportive during their transition.