In-School Mental Health Services Support Long-Term Wellbeing For School-Aged Youth

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board provides regular face-to-face in-school mental health services for youth in our public school system that are at-risk and experiencing difficulties at school. Early Intervention Specialists are placed in schools for direct contact with students and school officials. Issues addressed include:

  • Substance Abuse/Alcohol Use
  • Mental Health
  • Behavior Modification Education
  • Goal Setting

Our Early Intervention School Based Specialists Provide School Connections For Greater Engagement

School-based services are designed to encourage students towards productive involvement in their school and community. The Early Intervention Specialist assists students in finding fitting school activities, clubs, sports, JROTC, or other resources as avenues to choose healthy activities instead of risk-taking or dangerous maladaptive behaviors. Early Intervention Specialists also work with parents and students to connect with appropriate community supports including counseling and psychiatric care.

School-Based Initial and On-Going Support Services Improve Outcomes

Working with school officials and the Interdisciplinary Truancy Team, the Early Intervention Specialist follows up with identified students to help facilitate referrals to mental health, alcohol, and drug treatment providers in the community. The Early Intervention Specialist also provides crisis intervention services for suicide prevention and other mental health concerns. Through follow-up, monitoring, and by providing referrals to the HRCSB and other community agencies, students and their families are able to get the supports needed to be successful at school and in the community.

We Connect Pregnant And Parenting Teens To Community Services

HRCSB school-based mental health services extend to supporting both pregnant and parenting teens. Early Intervention Specialists make connections to the right community services at the right times for pregnant and parenting teens in schools. Our school-based mental health providers work with community partners to maximize support for pregnant and parenting teens to meet their needs in the home and at school.

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