HRCSB Provides Psychiatric Services As Part of The Recovery Process

Psychiatric Services provide medication management in conjunction with a mental health treatment team. In addition to a Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, the treatment team can include case management, therapy, supportive services, and psychosocial rehabilitation services. Medications are part of a therapeutic treatment in which getting better is a dynamic process. We consider each client on a case-by-case basis using a team of trained professionals to coordinate the services that will yield the highest quality outcomes for each client.

We Focus On Recovery As A Pathway For Hope

Medications can assist in the recovery process. When our professional staff feel that medication can help, medication is then prescribed as part of the therapeutic process. Our staff psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners manage medications to help with symptoms as clients engage in other therapies. We provide initial and continuing services. Our process includes:

  • Assessment: What are your needs?
  • Diagnosis: Focus on finding the right treatments for your needs.
  • Prescription: Will medication support your recovery? If so, what medications are the best matches?
  • Maintenance: We monitor your medication with regular follow up appointments for medication maintenance and management.

HRCSB Houses On-Site Nursing Staff To Manage Medications

We have on-site nursing staff to support our medical providers and their clients. HRCSB nursing staff can process refill requests and counsel clients in the management of their medications. Nurses are available to answer questions and manage symptoms.

We Help You Find Assistance To Pay For Your Medications

Our trained nursing staff takes clients’ financial situations into account when advocating for care. The nursing staff helps find affordable medications that work for the individual. Because we are familiar with indigent medications programs, we are able to best match clients to prescription assistance programs to affordably get the medications they are prescribed.